Invest in our country's future by supporting immigrant youth! image

Invest in our country's future by supporting immigrant youth!

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Support Immigrant Youth

"The United States has been and I hope will always be a place for diversity, starting from the many different races in our nation to the many different perspectives and beliefs." – Esther, student at West Potomac High School, from Ghana

Liberty's Promise is an organization that works to support low-income immigrant youth through after-school programs of civic engagement. LP was started because, much like Esther, we believe that the country we know and love is a melting pot for those striving to achieve the American Dream. We believe that the United States is strong because it is a country that accepts and cherishes the perspectives and beliefs of all of its inhabitants. In a time of uncertainty, when many young immigrants do not know whether they can, or should, claim America as their country, we have assured our youth that the opportunities that are present in America are just as much theirs as their native-born peers; that they do belong here, and that, because of them, this country can reach its full potential.

Please donate to Liberty's Promise and help us encourage this message that immigrant youth are the future of this wonderful country, and that by working together, we can stand together as a nation that lifts each other up in a time of need.